Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Don't Get Caught in the Net!

Not Controversial, but Biblical

Satan's Web of Lies, an upcoming book by Kevin Scott Collier, looks at how the Devil has taken control of the internet and made Christians slaves to it. Whether it is a mobile device, home computer or streaming news and media sites, the Devil is in the details, or rather, the twisting of words and the truth. The book addresses the evil of Political correctness, the true case of "identity crisis" our society is facing, and how the opposition uses cyberspace to put distance between Christians and God, as well as their own earthly family. Author Kevin Scott Collier takes on this ongoing spiritual battle and pinpoints what red flags brothers and sisters in Christ should look for, the solutions, and how a nation divided is just fine, as long as we are on the right side of God. It's time to stop being zombies and be on the front lines as supernatural warfare reaches the boiling point.

Coming the Summer of 2017
The book will run 80 pages and be released in the summer of 2017. Kevin Scott Collier is the author of many non-fiction, fiction and faith-based books, as well as the illustrator of over 150 children's books.

Contact the author at:
kevinscottcollier (at) yahoo (dot) com